Ready for clean heat? EU project to help speed up renewable heating and cooling

25 Oct 2022

Photo: EHPA / Jozefien Vanbecelaere
Adding a heat pump in a Brussels home

 The energy crisis is making the roll-out of renewables more urgent than ever. This project will identify national policy gaps and propose effective strategies.

Heating and cooling (H&C) represent almost 50% of EU energy demand, but only 23% of that energy is green. The energy crisis we are facing today is having a huge impact on the H&C sectors, making the roll-out of renewables more urgent than ever.  

REDI4Heat is a new EU project, funded under the LIFE Programme, that officially started in October 2022. The project will run for three years and it will aim to accelerate the share of renewables for heating and cooling, by identifying national policy gaps thus proposing effective strategies. 

The project will support five Member States (Croatia, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal) in identifying and addressing bottlenecks in national energy strategies,in particular in National Energy and Climate Plans. The final objective is to develop tools to speed up the deployment of renewable heating and cooling systems while encouraging replication in other EU-countries.  

REDI4Heat will be coordinated by the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving Foundation (CRES) from Greece. The Consortium is made up of 12 partners who represent the entire renewable heating and cooling technology sector. It includes five research and technology organisations (CRES, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, ADENE – Agência para a Energia, Polish National Energy Conservation Agency, DENA – German Energy Agency), six associations (Solar Heat Europe, European Heat Pump Association, European Geothermal Energy Council, Bioenergy Europe, Euroheat & Power, EnergyCities) and one private company (Trinomics).  

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The LIFE21-CET-POLICY-REDI4HEAT project (Grant Agreement no. LIFE27 101077369) has received funding from the LIFE programme of the European Union. 

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