Heat Pump KEYMARK database: how to manage product data (Webinar)

25 Apr 2024

The Heat Pump KEYMARK Secretariat will be organising an online seminar on the certification, with a special focus on the Product Database. Join us in this info session to learn how to navigate and find the information that you are looking for. We will explore aspects such as: (the keymark.eu website and database) the use of the database, how to get started as a new user, how to import and export product data, how to ensure a smooth transfer of the data files. The presentation will include a demo with a thorough walkthrough (of the keymark.eu website and database) for manufacturers and for Certifiers (how to enter data, prepare it for export, how to do a consistency check, how to modify component data) so that the KEYMARK database holds no secrets from you. 

In this session, the Heat Pump KEYMARK Secretariat will focus on the product database. Join us to learn how to navigate and make the most of the various available resources. 


00:00:00 Welcome and introduction to EHPA

00:05:28 Introduction the the Heat Pump KEYMARK Certification

00:34:32 Presenting the database

00:54:22 Demo of the database

01:09:41 Q&A

01:18:34 Closing

Thank you to the speakers for their presentations and for providing their valuable insights throughout the webinar. Special thanks to the participants for their participation and we look forward to seeing you at our future events.

More info at heatpump.keymark.eu

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