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European heat pump market and statistics report 2023

EHPA gathers market data from our national members in order to provide the latest market […]
29 Jun 2023

EU Heat Pump Accelerator

23 organisations including industry, governments and NGOs have drawn up a roadmap of the barriers […]
07 Jun 2023

EHPA’s annual report 2022

For heat pumps, 2022 was a crucial and milestone year. They were recognised – by […]
30 May 2023

Heat Pumps in Europe – Key Facts and Figures

This is an overview of the latest trends and developments in the heat pump sector […]
12 May 2023

Heat pumps and high rise homes: case studies from across Europe

Heat pumps can be installed in multi-family buildings – and many already have been. This […]
02 May 2023

Europe’s Leap to Heat Pumps

The study explores the impacts of meeting the EU’s REPowerEU goal for heat pumps. It […]
26 Apr 2023

Subsidies for residential heat pumps in Europe

Investment costs for low-carbon heating and cooling systems such as heat pumps are still higher […]
16 Mar 2023

The Heat Pump Award: Winning projects of 2022

Do you want to hear about the most cutting-edge heat pump projects in Europe and […]
14 Feb 2023

Through pumps to pulp: greening the paper industry’s heat

Heat pumps, which can now reach temperatures of 200°C, can help industry decarbonise. The paper […]
01 Feb 2023

Heat pump sales in Europe in 2021 – EHPA’s 2022 Market Report

Every year, EHPA gathers sales data on heat pumps from its members and publishes an […]
11 Jan 2023

Large scale heat pumps in Europe

This report presents real examples of heat pump applications in several industrial sectors. The heat […]
14 Dec 2022

How much will be invested in heat pump manufacturing?

Many more heat pumps will need to be built and installed to meet the EU’s […]
07 Nov 2022

Report and webinar: thermally-driven heat pump technology

Thermally driven heat pumps use heat or an engine, rather than electricity, to provide the small amount […]
28 Oct 2022

Report: Heat pumps in renovation

The most flexible technology when renovating any kind of building.
16 Sep 2022

Report: Energy taxation in heating

Heat pump technologies are best in class with regards to energy efficiency, renewable energy, air […]
16 Sep 2021

Strategic Research and Innovation for Heat Pumps

The report briefly presents a non-exhaustive list of the “topics” that can be included in […]
10 May 2021

A Digital Revolution For the Built Environment? – Flexibility, Comfort and New Business Models for Heat Pumps

The positive impact of digital solutions is being felt in every sector at an ever-increasing […]
10 Mar 2021

White Paper: Heat Pumps and Sound

Acoustic is becoming more and more of a concern for the heat pump industry. While […]
25 Apr 2020

Heat Pumps: How they work and why they matter

Heat pump technology can deliver major economic, environmental and energy system benefits to Europe. Heat […]
28 Oct 2018