From deliberate ambition to reinforced determination

EHPA is the voice of the heat-pump sector in the European Union and advocates to promote awareness and create a market environment that facilitates a faster deployment of heat pumps, to unleash their benefits on a European level. Policy work is naturally at the cornerstone of EHPA’s activities.

The new Commission president Ursula von der Leyen appointed her team in November 2019. With the new team came a new set of priorities for the next 5 years, which if successful,  will have an impact for the decades to come as the European Green Deal will radiate out in all areas of society. Alongside, focus areas for “her” Commission are:

  • an economy that works for people,
  • a Europe fit for the digital age,
  • to protecti our European way of life,
  • a stronger Europe in the world, and
  • a new push for European democracy.

In line with the integrated and sustainable approach of the European Commission, EHPA arranged its policy priority areas to better fit the major EU policy areas and topics that can influence – but also benefit from – the deployment of heat pumps.

The associations policy priority areas are: