EU grids plan: unlocking opportunities

28 Nov 2023

Electrician in protective helmet working on power lines Photo: Shutterstock / Andrewsshots

The European Commission’s electricity grid action plan, unveiled today, will bolster the backbone of the energy system.

The Commission wants long-term planning for more renewables – including heat pumps – which will help make the grid smarter and more flexible. This is one of the key actions to boost heat pumps singled out by EHPA and 23 other organisations in the heat pump accelerator handed to EU Energy Commissioner Simson in June.

The Commission also wants to increase network planning and data exchange – including with administrations driving heat pump roll-out – to form a better idea of future network needs. EHPA considers this to be an important point and one that should be linked with the upcoming heat pump action plan, expected in early 2024.

In October, EHPA and seven other organisations signed a joint letter to the Commission urging a more coordinated approach to grid planning. Today’s publication is an important step.

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