EHPA’s comment on EU election results

10 Jun 2024

European elections 2024 - polling station in France.
© European Union 2024 - Source : EP

Last week elections for the European Parliament took place across the EU.

Patrick Crombez, president of the European Heat Pump Association said:
“We congratulate all the successful candidates in the EU elections. We look forward to working with them in the coming years to tap the potential of the heat pump industry as a leading, competitive clean tech sector.

With over 200 manufacturing sites and planned investments of €7 billion in Europe, the heat pump sector can deliver growth and jobs while contributing to the essential transition to a net zero economy.

To ensure these benefits are delivered, we urge the incoming European Parliament to support clear, long-term policies towards clean heating and cooling. A critical first step is the publication of the delayed EU Heat Pump Action Plan.”

Read EHPA’s manifesto

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