EHPA manifesto: priorities for EU policy 2024-2029

16 Feb 2024

Photo: Guillaume Périgois, Unsplash

In the next few months, voters across Europe will take part in the 2024 EU elections. After this, a new EU Commission and Parliament will be in place. They will need to address energy security concerns, tackle climate change, and bolster economic competitiveness.  

With heating and cooling accounting for almost half of the EU’s energy consumption, addressing this sector is of paramount importance for a greener, more resilient and competitive European Union. 

Three to five times more efficient than gas boilers, heat pumps not only reduce energy imports, consumption and emissions but also protect consumers from fluctuating energy prices.

The heat pump sector currently employs more than 160,000 people and is expected to grow significantly, creating jobs in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, installation, planning and design. 

The European Heat Pump Association has developed a manifesto to summarise the key policy priorities for 2024-2029 to tap into the potential offered by heat pumps. The first step should be rapid publication of the EU Heat Pump Action Plan.

By heeding these priorities, policymakers can put clean heating and cooling at the heart of Europe’s energy system today for a brighter tomorrow. 

Read EHPA’s manifesto in full here:

See our infographic summarising the key priorities for 2024-2029:

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