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Membership: the application process

Organisations that consider becoming new members must show a clear interest in supporting the development of the European Heat Pump Industry. They must present the completed membership application form to the board. If you are willing to join us before the end of the year, use the 2022 Membership application form. The application is validated by the board within a couple of weeks.

Once the new member is accepted, this decision is communicated to the applicant.

Members and Partners

The Association is open primarily to all legally constituted organisations in Europe including national and regional associations, suppliers, utilities, individual manufacturers, energy efficiency agencies and networks and international organisations (Members).

Membership Fees 

At the General Assembly on 15.6.2022 in Brussels, members agreed to the following new membership fee structure as of 01 January 2023 onwards: detailed fee on the left side.

Membership fees decided at the General Assembly on 14.5.2019 in Brussels remain in effect until 31 December 2022. 

EHPA membership fees for organisations subject to VAT outside Belgium are exempted from VAT according to article 21, ยง2 of the Belgian VAT Code, which locates the service where the recipient of this service is established.

Contract of Membership

Please, send the corresponding completed and signed e-form (note that those are directly editable within .PDF) to the following address:

European Heat Pump Association (EHPA)
Rue d'Arlon 63-67
B-1040 Brussels

Phone: +32 24 00 10 17

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