The Ecodesign Directive for Energy-related Products (ErP) aims at reducing the environmental impact of products, including the energy consumption throughout their entire life cycle. This should benefit both businesses and consumers, by enhancing product quality and environmental protection and by facilitating free movement of goods across the EU.

Energy related products (the use of which has an impact on energy consumption) account for a large proportion of the energy consumption in the EU and include. ErP regulations exist for the following HVAC appliances: 

    space heaters up to 400 kW {gas and oil boilers, electric boilers, heat pumps (electrical and gas), cogeneration of heat and power appliances, integrated packages (space heater + supplementary space heater + solar thermal device + temperature control)}; 

     water heaters and hot water storage tanks up to 400 kW {gas or oil water heaters, electric water heaters, heat pump water heaters, solar thermal water heaters, storage tanks up to 2,000 litres, integrated packages (water heaters + solar thermal device)};

      air conditioners and air-to-air heat pumps up to 12 kW;