Large Heat Pumps

Large Heat Pumps


While heat pumps are known in residential application, they are much less recognized for their contribution (potential) in commercial and industrial applications. Users of heating and cooling in many industrial processes in the food, paper or chemical industries (list not exchaustiv) can benefit economically from a most efficient use of energy while providing a significant benefit towards emission reduction and air quality.

Heat pumps are considered large if they exceed capacities of 100 kW. They can easily reach the one to several megawatt range with the largest units providing 35 MW in a single machine.

Large heat pumps can be applied in a number of industrial sectors such as:


  • Dairy industry

  • Brick industry

  • Confection plants

  • Meat processing plants

  • Breweries

  • Textile and leather 

  • Tabacco industries

  • Paper Industries

  • Chimical Industries

  • Others 


In order to provide a better understanding of how large heat pumps work and where they can be applied, we compiled 2 brochures with application examples extracted from different regions In Europe.


Please view and download here:



They are an initiative of the Industrial and Commercial Heat Pump Working Group (ICHP).  ICHP works to increase recognition for this area of application and its contribution potential to the EU’s climate and energy targets. The group is open to all manufacturers of components and equipment of this heat pump category as well as to research bodies and other organisations interested in developing the segment.



The group is chaired by Mr. Eric Delforge, Mayekawa