Article 14 (3) of the 2009 EU Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Directive says:

"Member States shall ensure that certification schemes or equivalent qualification schemes become or are available by 31 December 2012 for installers of [...] heat pumps. Those schemes may take into account existing schemes and structures as appropriate [...]. Each Member State shall recognise certification awarded by other Member States in accordance with those criteria."

The European Heat Pump Association wants to be a frontrunner on training and certification schemes for heat pump installers in Europe and it therefore takes, through its Education Committee, the management and development of a training and certification scheme - EUCert - forward.

This EUCert certification programme has grown out of a previous EU funded programme, the SAVE project EU-CERT.HP, which was aimed at initiating a European training and quality campaign for installers in the field of heat pump technology. It had been supported by the European Commission within the Intelligent Energy Programme and was completed in December 2006. Afterwards, EHPA felt that the sector needed such a program to be wider developed and therefore continued with its partners in several EU Member States to improve the schemes. Today organisations from several European countries, in addition to the original project partners, are actively using and supporting this system.

You can find more information on the countries where trainings are offered in the sub-section Member countries.

If your country is not listed yet and you have a vital interest in setting up a training programme based on the EUCERT scheme, please contact us via eucert@ehpa.org.