Thomas Nowak to step down as secretary general of the European Heat Pump Association   

16 Nov 2023

EHPA Heat Pump Forum 2023

After 17 years leading the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), the voice of the European heat pump sector in Brussels, secretary general Thomas Nowak has announced that he will step down in the coming months.  

Over time, he has developed the association from a “one man band” to a vibrant and energetic team of nearly 25 staff members. Membership has grown from a few dozen to more than 200 organisations. EHPA connects the heat pump sector to policy-makers and politicians on the European and international levels via its advocacy, communications, projects, events and work on certification. 

Since 2006 the heat pump industry has grown from sales of 500,000 units in Europe, to 3 million last year. Heat pumps are now providing clean heating and cooling to nearly 16% of Europe’s buildings, as well as to industry and district heating networks. A real success from a truly collaborative effort.  

Thomas Nowak commented:  
“The sector has gone from a minnow to a big fish on my watch. Heat pumps are now recognised at all levels of society as critical to decarbonising buildings and industry and helping secure Europe’s energy independence.   

“I am so glad to have contributed to this, and I’m proud of the thriving association – with an excellent secretariat team, a strong board and a growing membership and network – that I set up and nurtured.   

“While I am moving on from EHPA, I will remain part of this vibrant and vital sector, convinced as I am of the benefits of heat pump technology. Handing EHPA over to new leadership will also be good for the association, as we are clearly seeing a sea change in the challenges the sector is facing. Fortunately, the association is in perfect shape to seize the opportunities offered by this dynamic market.”  

“We still need all hands on deck to accelerate the deployment of heat pumps and ensure the technology’s full contribution towards a sustainable and resilient heating and cooling supply to all Europeans.” 

“A big thank you to all the colleagues and friends that contributed, collaborated, and co-created the success we are seeing. Thank you also to all of you who claimed heat pumps could not work: you helped me focus our efforts and I am very pleased that we were able to find answers to overcome all your doubts.” 
EHPA president Martin Forsén said:  

“What Thomas has done for the heat pump sector is exceptional. With his genuine passion and dedication, he has brought us from a niche, somewhat geeky technology to where we are today – a major European industry playing a lead role in the race to net zero.  
I have had the honour and privilege of being part of the journey alongside Thomas and am proud to call him a close colleague and friend. The entire heat pump industry cannot express its gratitude for all Thomas “Mr Heat Pump” Nowak has done.”  
Thomas Nowak will join Sweden’s Qvantum Industries as their VP public affairs and government relations in the first half of 2024, after coordinating the handover to his successor. Qvantum Industries is a member of EHPA.   

Photo: Vivian Hertz at the 2023 Heat Pump Forum

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