Joint letter: Accelerate the phase-out of stand-alone fossil fuel boilers

02 Nov 2022

Air heat pump and house on beige background. Modern, environmentally friendly heating. Save your money with air source heat pump. Efficient and renewable source of energy. 3d rendering

In this joint letter to EU Commission President von der Leyen and Executive Vice-President Timmermans, organisations including EHPA stress the importance of speeding up the heating and cooling transition for residential buildings in the EU.

They write: ‘we must foster a widespread roll-out of renewable heating technologies such as heat pumps, solar (thermal and PV) and geothermal energies and renewable-based and efficient district heating, while phasing out inefficient stand-alone fossil fuel boilers.’

They call for ‘a timely fossil fuel phase-out’ through the EU’s ecodesign rules. This, they say, can unlock a massive reduction in gas consumption of 320 TWh in residential heating, corresponding to 8% of the total gas import in 2020, and total GHG savings of 75 Mt CO2eq. by 2030.

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