Update: Which countries are scrapping fossil fuel heaters?

22 Jan 2024

With the Russian war in Ukraine and changing energy costs, and with 2023 now officially recognised as the hottest year since records began, the need for Europe to shift towards a sustainable future and reduce its reliance on imported fossil fuels is clearer than ever.

Europe’s buildings use significant amounts of gas, accounting for 40% of the EU’s energy demand and 36% of the EU’s energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Why? A key reason is the more than 90 million gas and oil boilers in use, with a new boiler being installed every eight seconds.

This is despite the fact that heat pumps can work in nearly every building, providing zero emissions, super efficient heating and cooling to homes and businesses.

To try and get on the right track, more and more countries are banning or phasing out fossil fuel boilers.

To keep track, EHPA has created a map highlighting existing or announced bans on fossil fuel boilers across Europe, distinguishing between bans on gas and oil boilers in new and existing buildings, which we regularly update.

The heat pump sector supports a 2029 European phase out for stand alone fossil fuel boilers, as proposed by the European Commission.  

Check the details in the map:

Do you know of any other European country which is considering a decision on fossil fuel heating? Contact us at policy@ehpa.org.

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