UL Solutions joins the Heat Pump KEYMARK Scheme as a Certification Body

27 Feb 2024

Choose KEYMARK. Choose quality.
Heat pump KEYMARK Certification

The Heat Pump KEYMARK family proudly welcomes UL Solutions as the newest empowered certification body, solidifying its position as a leading certification scheme in the European heat pump market. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the growth and recognition of the Heat Pump KEYMARK Certification.

UL Solutions has joined the scheme, bringing a wealth of expertise in applied safety science. As a global leader in the sector, UL Solutions transforms safety, security, and sustainability challenges into opportunities for customers in more than 100 countries. UL Solutions delivers testing, inspection, and certification services, together with software products and advisory offerings, that support our customers’ product innovation and business growth.

As a global leader in the HVAC business, UL Solutions fulfills its goals of supporting customers to demonstrate safety, enhance sustainability, and achieve regulatory compliance. KEYMARK is a scheme that perfectly fits in the path to performance optimisation for our heat pump customers, so it became natural to include it in our capabilities as we keep supporting them with our all-around services. Being part of the scheme will allow UL Solutions to reinforce the vast network of customers in Europe. In return, UL Solutions leverages years of experience in the testing, inspection, and certification business with extensive competence in the safety aspects, like the low-GWP transition occurring in these years.

Giorgio Decataldo – Global Business Development Manager HVAC-R

Empowered certification bodies are pivotal in the Heat Pump KEYMARK Certification process. Following thorough testing and inspection by the testing laboratory, these bodies can confer the Heat Pump KEYMARK to the certification holder. UL Solutions’ participation strengthens the scheme, which now boasts 11 empowered certification bodies across Europe.

This adhesion contributes significantly to enhancing the credibility of the Heat Pump KEYMARK Certification, solidifying its position as a symbol of trust, safety, and reliability in the European heat pump market. For a complete list of Empowered Certification Bodies, please visit our website.

We are delighted to welcome UL Solutions to the Heat Pump KEYMARK family. Thanks to their well-established knowledge and experience, UL Solutions is a reference in testing, inspection, and certification-related services, said Tarik Bellahcene, Head of the Heat Pump KEYMARK Secretariat. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to providing a robust certification process and further establishes the Heat Pump KEYMARK as a recognized standard of excellence in the industry.

The Heat Pump KEYMARK Certification looks forward to a successful and collaborative partnership with UL Solutions, anticipating continued growth and impact in the future.

Please visit our website for more information about the Heat Pump KEYMARK Certification, its benefits, and recognition across Europe. Stay updated on the latest developments by following us on LinkedIn and X/Twitter.

About Heat Pump KEYMARK Certification:

The Heat Pump KEYMARK Certification is a recognized standard in the European heat pump market, symbolizing trust, safety, and reliability. Certified once, recognized everywhere.

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