Poland: Spectacular growth in heat pump sales in first three-quarters of 2022

29 Nov 2022

Photo: Polish association for heat pump technology

    – In the first three quarters of 2022, sales of air-to-water heat pumps in Poland increased by up to 140% compared to the same period in 2021.
    – The overall heat pump market increased by 121% during this period, and heat pumps for heating buildings by 133%.
    – In October 2022, the share of heat pumps in applications for heat source replacement under the Clean Air Program reached a high of 63%, while in January 2022 it was only 28%.
    – For the whole of 2022, Polish heat pump assocation PORT PC forecasts an increase in sales of heat pumps for heating buildings by almost 130% – to nearly 200,000 units, which will mean their 30% share in the total number of heating devices sold in 2022.

Further intense period of growth in the heat pump market in Poland

In the first three quarters of this year, compared to figures for the same period in 2021, heat pumps’ sales in Poland increased overall by 121%. In regard to devices designed for water central heating, the increase reached 133%.  Sales of air-to-water heat pumps increased even more – by 140%. Sales of ground source heat pumps (brine-to-water units) also increased significantly – by 40%. Slight growth was recorded for the air-to-water heat pumps intended only to preparation of domestic hot water (DHW) – sales increased by about 5%.

In numerical terms, the figures are as follows: a total of nearly 93 thousand heat pumps were sold in 2021. According to updated forecasts by PORT PC, in the whole of 2022 their sales will reach about 200 thousand units, including 185-190 thousand units in the range of air-to-water devices. This means that the share of heat pumps in the total number of heating devices will be sold in the Polish market in 2022 (taking into account its slight decrease compared to 2021) may reach nearly 30%.

PORT PC’s analyses indicate that in 2021 the number of heat pumps sold for heating buildings in Poland, per capita, was higher than in Germany, and in 2022 it will significantly approach the level of such devices sales  in Germany (the German BWP association predicts sales of approx. 230-250 thousand heat pumps for central heating in 2022). At the same time, it is worth reminding that the German government as early as December 2021 put emphasis in its energy strategy on the rapid development of this technology, assuming that in 2024 sales of heat pumps are expected to reach more than 500 thousand units per year (an increase over 3-4 times in 3 years). Up to 5-6 million electric heat pumps are expected to be installed in buildings in Germany by 2030.

For more information: Magda Kaczmarczyk magda.kaczmarczyk@portpc.pl

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