“Our consumers are now confident in our heat pumps” – Daikin Europe explains why certification matters 

30 May 2024

In a new interview, Daikin Europe’s certification expert explains why they were among the first manufacturers to join the Heat Pump KEYMARK certification, what where the benefits and common interests with the scheme and the challenges they had to overcome to get their products certified. 

The Heat Pump KEYMARK is a third-party European certification for heat pumps. Serving as a proof of trust, it offers end-users the assurance that the product they are investing in meets strict quality and performance standards, in compliance with European regulations. 

So, why exactly is this certification pivotal for heat pump manufacturers? To delve into this question, we approached Daikin Europe, a renowned brand in the heat pump sector, known for providing innovative and energy efficient solutions in the heating and cooling market. 

In our conversation with Tom Lapere, Senior Certification Officer at Daikin Europe, we discovered the reasons they decided to join the scheme and how the certification helped them elevate their products on the competitive European market. Daikin Europe shares the challenges encountered during this journey, like the complexity of getting their entire portfolio of products certified, and sheds light on the solutions they found to align their unique needs with the certification requirements. 

Watch the video to find out more about the long-standing relationship between Daikin Europe and the Heat Pump KEYMARK scheme while discovering how the certification supports the development of the heat pump sector towards a decarbonised and energy efficient future. 

Thank you to Tom Lapere and Daikin Europe for sharing their valuable insights and contributing to this initiative.  

For more information about the Heat Pump KEYMARK certification, the application process, and the advantages for both certificate holders and end-users, visit our website heatpump.keymark.eu and make sure to follow us on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn to receive the latest updates about the Scheme.

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