No hot air! Waste heat recovery makes waves at EUSEW 2024

17 Jun 2024

We know it’s not cool to waste water or food – so why waste heat?!

But can we really capture and re-use heat, and if so, how? And is it worth the effort?

These questions were addressed at an event we organised with district heating industry association Euroheat and Power. It was part of the EU’s annual Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW). 

Here are five amazing facts on waste heat from the session:

1)    The potential is HUGE: waste heat equivalent to the annual consumption of France is available in Europe – but it’s not (yet) being used!

2)    It’s about cooling too: energy from treated sewage is being used to cool down desert dwellings in Qatar.

3)    The bottom line boom: huge annual savings can be made – and can even become revenue. A hospital in Denmark is SELLING its extra heat from April thanks to heat pumps!

4)    Price can be a problem: some customers are put off from going to fully electric systems because of the price – this needs to be addressed. Electricity should be no more than twice the price of gas.

5)    Carrots as well as sticks: There is a need to encourage companies to reuse waste heat, through incentives for example.

Our expert speakers were:
Andrea Voigt – Head of Global Public Affairs, Danfoss
Anne Weidenbach – Policy assistant, Cabinet of Commissioner Simson, European Commission
Arthur Hinsch – Senior Expert on Sustainable Energy Systems, ICLEI
Valerio Forconi – Director, Government Relations & Public Policy EMEA, Trane Technologies
Victor Ferré – Senior Director, Xylem

Curious to learn more?

The session, entitled ‘No hot air! The potential of waste heat for decarbonising industry, cities, and buildings‘ is available on YouTube.

Watch the full session or see the photos online.

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