Driving competitive clean tech in Europe – infographic

02 May 2024

EHPA Infographic
© EHPA – April 2024

The heat pump sector is a net zero success story in Europe.

To date, there are over 175+ manufacturing sites and the industry represents around €7 billion in investments from 2022 to 2025.

What’s more, there are around 160,000+ direct jobs in the sector, with many more indirect ones.

However, heat pump sales have slowed down, particularly in the final quarter of last year. For the first time in a decade, annual growth shrank in 2023.  If this trend continues, the EU will not be on track to meet its targets, requiring nearly 60 million more heat pump units in place in 2030 and 90 million in 2050.

Boosting heat pumps through continued commitment to the technology, stable policies, and consistent and forward-looking measures is key to building a market environment oriented towards making clean technologies the most economically attractive choice for consumers. 

We have summarised some of the key figures in the infographic below. It can be downloaded here.

Heat pumps - a European industry (April 2024)
Heat pumps – a European industry (April 2024)

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