If annual sales remain at 3 million, the EU will be 25% off its aims in 2030.
18 Jul 2024
Heat pump sales in 14 European countries fell by around 5% overall in 2023 compared to 2022, from 2.77 million...
27 Feb 2024
The European Commission has postponed its Heat Pump Action Plan until after the EU elections. The decision com...
20 Dec 2023
This is a major step towards the decarbonisation of heating.
07 Dec 2023
EU countries have to plan how they’ll meet their climate and energy targets. Decarbonising heating & cooli...
20 Nov 2023
What do you get when you bring together an EU Commissioner, a lot of energy experts, multiple CEOs, 45 speaker...
08 Nov 2023
The heat pump sector has always supported a phase-out by 2050, but the new rules will be a burden in...
05 Oct 2023
After weeks of negotiations, Germany’s parliament has approved legislation for the replacement of fossil-fuel ...
12 Sep 2023
From a snowstorm in Spain to milk with a meaning, heat pumps are providing renewable heating and cooling acros...
31 Aug 2023
Fossil fuel boilers: heat pump sector supports 2029 phase-out
09 Jun 2023
Examples of heat pumps bringing benefits to apartment buildings and their inhabitants
04 May 2023
A fast heat pump roll-out in Europe will help tackle energy poverty; cut bills and gas imports, and boost heal...
26 Apr 2023