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Heat pumps and high rise homes: case studies from across Europe


Heat pumps can be installed in multi-family buildings – and many already have been.

This is the case for new or retrofitted buildings, and even for buildings where no energy savings measures have been taken.

But apartment blocks come in all shapes and sizes – much more than houses do.

Consequently, choosing the best solution is a much more difficult task.

The case studies presented in this report show the variety of buildings and available solutions.

The report also pinpoints the support needed from local, national and EU authorities. Policy recommendations go from clearly communicating clearly that heat pumps work for all application and building types, including high rises, as this report shows, to ensuring the relevant EU rules and regulations contain the right elements to support heat pumps.  

Read the report: ‘Heat pumps in high rise homes – case studies from across Europe’, see the presentation from the launch webinar and watch the recording of the webinar.

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