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Heat pump stories - Kliima Market - European Heat Pump Association
Heat pump stories - Kliima Market - European Heat Pump Association

These days we use our phones for everything. Communicating, banking, taking photos, booking tickets, doing the grocery shopping, planning travel, organising meetings.. So it is no surprise the heat pump market is going digital too!

The online retail brand KliimaMarket.ee, which is part of Estonian Bestair Group, was launched in 2017 as the first e-commerce-focused heat pump brand in the sector.

One of their goals was to allow customers quickly and easily to choose what they need.

Buying a heat pump is often a complex process for customers – with different brands to choose from, different price ranges, functionalities, and performance indicators to navigate.

It also takes time for salespeople to collect valid information and build a matching offer for the customer.

In 2023, KliimaMarket.ee realised they could automate the process of putting together a tailored heat pump offer given the right customer data.

In the autumn of 2023, they developed an automated form on their website, where simply by providing their address in Estonia, the customer receives a detailed quotation. The system is linked to publicly available information systems for each home (location from Google Maps, square metres of living space, and number of rooms from the building register, plus location-based average annual temperature data) which is necessary to build a heat pump offer.

Then, based on data the initial quotation system sends a comprehensive quotation in PDF format to the customer’s e-mail address. This includes three different possible solutions in different price ranges, with a table comparing the characteristics of each. Customers can choose between the most affordable, the mid-range, or a slightly higher price class.

At the end of each offer, the customer can, if they wish, proceed immediately to the bank-linked purchase process or ask for additional advice.

For now the website is only available for the Estonian market, but KliimaMarket.ee see it as a very useful future tool for their Scandinavian dealers, who will be able to meet their customers’ needs faster and more conveniently.

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