Electrification Alliance

| Letter from the Electrification Alliance on the next European Commission work programme


The European Heat Pump Association, Avere, EURELECTRIC,  SolarPower Europe and WindEurope have joined forces to launch the Electrification Alliance formed in 2017.

As we all believe that electrification is about teamwork and we need sector coupling and sectoral integration. The Alliance members are working towards enabling technologies to advance Europe’s competitiveness, economic growth, job creation, and the promotion of a sustainable society for European citizens.

For a more sustainable Europe much has been achieved in recent years. Our Alliance welcomes the fact that the Commission’s Long Term Strategy shows that electrification is the lens through which energy & climate policy should be looked at.

We strongly believe that the transition to an efficient electrification of our economy needs further action. The EU needs continuity regarding its priorities and work programme on the topic of electrification in order to achieve its decarbonisation objectives in a cost-effective way. 

In this regard, we call on European Commisioners and Spitzenkandidaten to:

  • Promote pathways toward better-integrated policy-making and coordination among DGs in light of the increasing interdependence of the policy enablers, actors and sectors working together toward decarbonisation.

  • Ensure that both shorter term policy planning and long term energy and climate strategies are effectively streamlined across the EU through better governance, which is properly implemented.

  • Bring about significant CO2 emission reductions in the transport sector by ensuring the promotion of zero-emission mobility and the effective implementation of the available policy instruments.

  • Unlock the benefits of smart and efficient buildings. This means not only the large-scale deployment of efficient electric heating and cooling technologies such as heat pumps.

  • Allow for the European industry to decarbonise via direct and indirect electrification.

  • Make better use of financial instruments and allocate public expenditure only to investments that support the achievement of the EU’s climate and energy goals. 

  • Facilitate consumer uptake of electricity solutions and renewables by aligning energy taxation with climate and energy policy objectives. This requires long-term price signals and coordination with existing EU climate and energy policy instruments in order to encourage the ambitious development of renewable electricity technologies.


With the current legislation coming to an end, we call on the future European's leaders to consider our engagement and key messages to achieve the efficient decarbonisation of the European economy.




Download - Letter to the Spitzenkandidaten