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Large scale heat pumps in Europe


This report presents real examples of heat pump applications in several industrial sectors.

The heat pump technology has matured towards an ecologically and economically alternative to traditional residential heating technologies.

It has also much developed in terms of available power-output, served temperature levels and flexibility of use for very different applications.

Applications from hundreds kW to even multiple MW in power output and heating temperatures approaching or even exceeding boiling temperature of water and being able to serve multiple sources and users simultaneously, are today not only available but state-of-the art, proven technology.

The significantly raised temperature levels on the source- and the sink-side in combination with the technology’s intrinsic ability to cool and heat simultaneously, opens new applications and even new business models.

Among others, most noteworthy are the ability to efficiently recover waste-heat for industrial processes or for energy distribution and to directly combine cooling- and heating demands, thereby contributing significantly to reducing energy costs and CO2 footprint for a healthy climate – by earning additional money. With this brochure of real-life examples, already the second one issued by the EHPA and its members, we want to provide food for thought about how flexible this technology is and in how many different and useful ways it can be applied.

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