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Pulsen 2018 – Heat pump survey

PULSEN is the Swedish Refrigeration & Heat Pump Association’s annual survey of retailers and installers of heat pumps for consumers.

The Swedish Cooling & Heating Pump Association ( Svenska Kyl & Värmepumpföreningen – SKVP) developed an annual survey, PULSEN to follow the heat pumps’ market.

This tool aims to follow the development of the heat pump market over the years in terms of price development, employees in the industry, what the heat pump replaces, and the view of the market and the development of those who participate.

For example, as reported on the SVKP website, this year, 95 of a total of 714 respondents from their installer members participated in the web-based survey. It should be pointed out that a large number of companies that have not responded do not sell heat pumps to consumers and therefore have not been relevant to the survey. 

One of PULSEN’s perhaps most interesting questions is the one relating to the cost of various heat pump installations in a villa with a heating requirement of 20,000 kWh / year. 

The replacement market for heat pumps, that is, when an older heat pump is replaced by a new one, continues to grow, as expected, and it is now the most common scenario when members install heat pumps. The percentage share is 25.1 percent, an increase from the previous year’s 21.6 percent. Instead, if we look at electric heating (electric boiler + direct-acting electricity) as a unit, it is at its peak with 37.1 percent. Heat pump sales thus lead the process to a large extent to a reduced electricity requirement in our Swedish homes, premises and single-family homes.

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