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Heat Pumps in the spotlight: Thomas Nowak interviewed by Energy World

Energy World, a magazine specialised on energy, published an interview with EHPA’s Secretary General Thomas Nowak, titled: “How big a role for heat pumps in decarbonising Europe”. Thomas answered several questions related to the decarbonisation of heating and cooling.

Thomas Nowak underlined how the heat pump technology can already supply market-ready solutions for nearly all heating and cooling requirements in residential, commercial and industrial applications. In particular he highlighted the benefits of heat pumps as integrator solutions, working together with other technologies to provide a more renewable and balanced system. 

EHPA’s Secretary General also remarked that the so-called ‘green gas’ is not emission-free, so it is not an efficient solution for replacing the current heating systems and, instead, we should focus on energy efficiency and energy recovery. 

Quoting the findings of our 2018 Market and Statistic Report, Thomas Nowak outlined how Europe’s heat pump industry has the ability to play a central role in the coming years. In fact, the market sales have grown organically by 13%-15% in the last three years, and, at this growth rate, a doubling of the European heat pump market by 2024 is expected.

However, some obstacles still remain, in particular, related to the political environment. Renewing his call for more efforts by policy makers, Thomas Nowak stated: “instead of supporting a business-as-usual approach, policymakers across Europe should follow the example of Netherlands and work towards a gas-free society. It is possible today, but it requires some brave decisions to address the tilted playing field created by fossil fuel subsidies and the favorable taxation of fossil energy.” 

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