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Joint Industry Letter: HVACR as critical infrastructure


Dear Members of national, regional and local governments in Europe,

Fighting the COVID-19-pandemic requires strict compliance with medical advice by all members of society. In some jurisdictions this advice includes ordinances to limit the movements of individuals and the closing of offices and factories. With this letter we would like to highlight the importance of the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) industry on the well-being of individuals and the functioning of society at large.

Our shared technologies and solutions ensure basic thermal needs (heating and cooling), maintain indoor air quality and ensure the provision of hygienic hot water. Looking in particular at hospitals and buildings of similar importance, it is essential to be able to install, maintain and repair the necessary equipment to ensure their functioning. For that purpose, the supply of essential technical components and finished products needs also to be ensured.

With measures limiting the movement of individuals in place in many jurisdictions, a functioning of heating, cooling, and hot water supply is similarly essential and critical to ensure the well-being of Europe’s inhabitants.

Thus, we ask you to consider the importance of the HVACR- industry for a functioning society and to give the required level of support to this industry during and beyond the time of the pandemic.

In detail we request to list HVAC as “critical infrastructure” and to:

● Ensure that HVACR-installers are fully included in the list of exemptions from limitations of movements to allow them to carry out their essential activities;

● Ensure that factories manufacturing HVAC components and products are included in the list of exemptions;

● Take appropriate measures to support HVACR-installers and people working in HVACR-factories to ensure that they can work in the safest way possible by respecting social distancing or implementing other protection measures.

We are sending this message to all national governments across Europe since our industry represents a European value chain.

We hope that you can share with us the importance of this industry and can take the requested measures.

Yours sincerely,

(See pdf for the full list of signatories)

Joint Industry Letter: HVACR as critical infrastructure

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