Booster heat pumps

Brista 2


The Brista 2 waste incineration heat and power plant in Stockholm, which was commissioned in March 2014, achieves an efficiency of over 95% in combined heat and power cycle.

Brista 2 has a gross output of nearly 80 MW energy, which is broken down into around 57 MW of district heating (of which 7.2 MW is provided by heat pumps) and 20 MW of electricity. The efficiency of a conventional combined heat and power plant (CHP) equivalent in size to Brista 2 fuelled with oil, gas, biomass or waste would be about 80 %. However by implementing the latest cross-cutting technologies of combining waste incinerator plant with large industrial heat pumps from GEA, makes use of additional heat recovered from the exhaust gases and transforms it into useful energy, which increases the efficiency to 95%.

If all fuel burning CHP plants implemented similar technology with mechanical driven heat pump it is possible to reduce the CO2 emission with 15% from all heat driven CHP plants.

                                                                                                              Photo: GEA


  • Heating COP: 6.5
  • Benefit: €2.0 Mill per year
  • Payback: <1.5 years