Private housing

Oak Tree Court heating solutions

In a residential area of Nottinghamshire, several detached eco-houses, with traditional architecture and five bedrooms, use 16 kW Daikin Altherma low temperature heat pumps to achieve the Code for Sustainable Homes level 3.

What was implemented


The heat pump comprises of an outdoor unit, which can be placed 50 meters from the property, plus a hydrobox and a water tank. The heat is spread in the house using underfloor heating and also provide hot water. An efficient feature of this type of heat pump is the removal of stale air from the airtight, insulated homes through a mechanical heat recovery ventilation, which extracts the waste heat and uses this energy to warm up the fresh air from outside.


  • 38% reduced CO2 emissions compared to a gas boiler
  • 48% savings in a year in running costs