Participating Countries

Currently, there are 13 countries participating in the EUCert programme. Please find the countries that are currently offering training and certification in line with the programme listed below.

For questions, please contact the national coordinators. If your country is not listed and you are interested in contributing to setting up a training scheme, please contact us via

- National Coordinator: Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)
- Contact person: Mr. Christian Köfinger
- Training institute: AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology
- Certifying body:  AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology
- Website: Waermepumpe Austria (Austrian Heat Pump Association)

- National Coordinator: Flemish Heat Pump Platform
- Contact person: Mr. Jan Lhoëst
- Training institute: none
- Certifying body:  none
- Website:

Czech Republic
- National Coordinator: AVTC
- Contact person: Mr. Tomas Straka
- Training institutes: Polytechnic School Brno 
- Certifying body:Czech Heat Pump Association AVTC
- Website:

- National Coordinator: Danish Technological Institute
- Contact person: Mr. Svenn Hansen
- Training institutes: none
- Certifying body: none
- Website:

- National Coordinator: Finnish Heat Pump Association SULPU ry
- Contact person: Mr. Jussi Hirvonen
- Training institutes: AMIEDU, SEDU, RAMK
- Certifying body:HP Installer Certification Board of Finland
- Website:

- National Coordinator: BWP - German Heat Pump Association
- Contact person: Mr. Tony Kroenert
- Training institutes: Five, located in Augsburg, Karlsruhe, Potsdam, Gladbeck and Saffig. Details are listed here
- Certifying body: BWP Germany
- Website:

- National Coordinator: MAHÖSZ
- Contact person: Mr. Istvan Szép
- Training institutes: none
- Certifying body: none
- Website:

- National Coordinator: Areliguria
- Contact person: Mr. Pierpaolo Rossodivita
- Training institutes: Daikin Italy, Genova
- Certifying body: none
- Website:

- National Coordinator: PORT PC - Polish Association for Heat Pump
Technology and Development
- Contact person: Mr. Sebastian Kaletka
- Training institutes: Eurocentre, Katowice
- Certifying body: PORT PC
- Website:

- National Coordinator: APIRAC - Portugese Heat Pump Association
- Contact person: Mr. Nuno Roque
- Training institutes: none
- Certifying body: none
- Website:

- National Coordinator: SZ CHKT - Slovak association for cooling and
- Contact person: Mr. Peter Tomlein
- Training institutes: SZ CHKT Rovinka
- Certifying body: CO CHKT Rovinka
- Website:

- National Coordinator: Mid Sweden University
- Contact person: Mr. Bengt Sandström
- Training institutes: Mid-Sweden University
- Certifying body: INCERT AB
- Website:

United Kingdom
- National Coordinator: UK GSHP
- Contact person: Mr. Nic Wincott
- Training institutes: none
- Certifying body: none
- Website: 


Latest update: 5 June 2015