National Climate & Energy Plans

What are National Climate & Energy Plans – Comprehensive Assessments on efficient heating & cooling?

To meet the EU’s energy and climate targets for 2030, EU Member States had to establish a 10-year integrated national energy and climate plan (NECP) for 2021 to 2030. The Commission will, as part of the energy union report, monitor EU progress as a whole towards achieving these targets. To better develop and implement the plans, the Member States must consult citizens, businesses and regional authorities in the drafting and finalisation process. Each country must then submit a progress report every two years. Member States all submitted their NECPs by the end of 2020, and the EC is using these as a basis for assessment. The NECPs will be visited again in 2023. 


Why is it important for HPs?

  • A favourable environment can be offered by ambitious comprehensive assessment on efficient heating and cooling as they will bring Members to thoroughly consider all the benefits of heat pump technologies. It is therefore important that this exercise is been given the highest political visibility. 

Our objectives:

  • To keep reinforcing a favourable regulatory environment for heat pumps, which improve the national performance with regard to several targets and objectives simultaneously


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National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs)