Industrial Strategy

What is Industrial strategy?


In March 2020, the European Commission published the Industrial policy Package which includes several initiatives: the new industrial strategy for Europe together with a new SME Strategy, the Single Market Barriers Report and the Enforcement Action Plan for the Single Market. The European Commission established a set of fundamentals for Europe’s industrial transformation in order to support the industry towards a climate neutrality. Modernising and decarbonising energy intensive industries is one of the top priorities.  


Why is it important for HPs?


  • Particular visibility should be also given to parts of the industry that help other industries to meet Europe’s climate ambitions. Large and commercial heat pumps are excellent examples worth promoting in an “Industry4Industry” campaign.  


Our objectives:


  • It is important for EHPA that sufficient visibility is given to the heating and cooling sector (and heat pumps in particular) for the industrial recovery in Europe. 
  • To create a heating alliance
  • To highlight the role of large heat pumps used in industry


Additional Information (photos, webinars, publications, related news)


European Industrial Strategy