Energy efficiency

What is Energy efficiency?  


In 2018, as part of the 'Clean energy for all Europeans package', the new amending Directive on Energy Efficiency (2018/2002) was agreed to update the policy framework to 2030 and beyond.21. The key element of the amended directive is a headline energy efficiency target for 2030 of at least 32.5%. Under the amending directive, EU countries will have to achieve new energy savings of 0.8% each year of final energy consumption for the 2021-2030 period. 


Other elements in the amended directive include stronger rules on metering and billing/allocation of costs of thermal energy, an updated primary energy factor (PEF) for electricity generation of 2.1 and new rules on “comprehensive assessments on heating and cooling.


Why is it important for hps? 


  • The heat pump industry strongly supports high energy efficiency targets from which it indirectly benefits and strongly contributes. Furthermore, the Energy Efficiency Directive contains specific provisions that promote efficiency in heating and cooling. 
  • Concerning the PEF, the heat pump industry is satisfied with the final PEF of 2.1. A lower PEF better reflects the efficiency of heat pumps and the industry supports its revision on a regular basis for consistent use in EU energy product regulations, such as Ecodesign. 


Our objectives:

  • To look at the implementation of the new Directive at national level and reflecting on possible on future improvements for its upcoming revision. 
  • To further promote the position of heat pumps with the European Commission


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