COVID-19 & Recovery

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the European Commission has been taking urgent measures and has modified its work programme to prepare long-term strategies to best cope with the effects of the crisis and prepare a “green” and “digital” economic recovery. In May 2020, the European Commission adopted their ‘recovery plan for Europe’, which will provide 1.8 trillion euros of support in combination with NextGeneration EU. This is the largest ever EU stimulus fund, and 30% of funds will go towards preventing climate change, which is the highest share in any EU budget.16 


Why is it important for HPs? 

  • In the framework of this new dossier which forced its way into EHPA policy priorities, EHPA has been promoting the recognition of HVAC as a “critical infrastructure” for the health of EU citizens in times of COVID-19 pandemic to be given specific consideration. 


Our Objectives:

  • To opt for a “green” and “digital” economic recovery, where heat pumps would play a key role (#EUGreenRecovery). 
  • To promote our position at Member State level


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Recovery Plan for Europe