Circular economy

What is the Circular Economy?


After the adoption by the EC of a 'Circular economy package' in December 2015 aiming to boost EU economy, making it more sustainable and competitive in the long run, the Commission adopted the new Circular Economy Action Plan19 which was part of the European Green Deal March 2020. It aims to make the EU economy fit for the sustainable transition while strength EU competitiveness by delivering on circularity as well as widening the application of the Ecodesign framework beyond energy related products. While this new Circular Economy Action Plan focuses on identified product groups (e.g. electronics and ICT, batteries and vehicles, packaging, plastic, textiles, construction and buildings, and food). 



Why is it important for HPs? 

  • The Commission aims to promote the reparability, upgradability, durability, and recyclability of products by developing product requirements relevant to the circular economy in its future work under the Ecodesign Directive. With this regard, the Commission announced its intention to increase the effectiveness of the current Ecodesign framework for energy-related products. This means that new standards will have to be developed by the European standardisation organisations, which could potentially impact the heat pump industry. 


Our objectives:

  • To explore a new narrative on “circular economy” since a heat pump – when it recovers energy – is closing energy cycles which is part of a circular economy.  
  • To promote a change in terminology from ‘waste heat/cold’ to ‘circular heat/cold’


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Circular economy action plan