Statistics 2007

EHPA Heat Pump Statistics 2007 - Evaluation

General remarks

  • The quality of statistical data provided from sixteen European countries differs considerably. Only ten countries can provide (more or less) reliable statistics.
  • No official data from Southern Europe are available at all. A major problem for these countries is to draw a distinction between reversible heat pumps (HPs) primarily used for heating purposes and air-conditioners with heat pump function. Some million air-conditioners with heat pump function predominantly used for cooling purposes in Southern Europe are disregarded in this statistics.


  • According to the data provided and own estimations where necessary the total sales of space heating HPs amount to over 450.000 units (including reversible HPs predominantly used for space heating and exhaust air HPs).
  • Increase of sales vs 2005 of the most important markets (excluding Greece, Italy, Spain): 52% in average. The strongest market increase was to register in France, Germany and Finland.
  • Sweden is further on the clearly dominating market with an increase 2005/06 of 21%. Over 120.000 units had been sold in 2006, around 45% of them heating only HPs (mostly brine/water units).
  • In average Ground Source HPs (GSHP) represent about 25% of the European market for space heating HPs.
  • Reversible HPs (mostly air/air units, predominantly used for heating purposes) are the dominating systems in Norway (90%) and Finland (81%), and play a strong role also in Sweden (41%).
  • In France the market is dominated by reversible HPs (79%), while in the D-A-CH countries obviously not yet a remarkable market for these systems exists.


  • Joint efforts to improve reliability and completeness of data are required.
  • Major inaccurateness of statistical data imply the categories "exhaust air HPs" and "reversible HPs".
  • Main emphasis is to be placed on Southern European countries and information concerning stock of installed systems.



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