Statistics 2006

EHPA Heat Pump Statistics 2006 - Evaluation

General remarks

  • The quality of statistical data provided from fifteen European countries differs considerably. Only eight countries can provide (more or less) reliable statistics.
  • No official data from Southern Europe are available at all. A major problem for these countries is to draw a distinction between reversible HPs primarily used for heating purposes and air-conditioners with heat pump function. Some million air-conditioners with heat pump function predominantly used for cooling purposes in Southern Europe are disregarded in this statistics.


  • Total sales of space heating HPs (see Table): Over 307.000 units (including heat recovery and reversible HPs, excluding tap water only HPs).
  • Increase of sales vs 2004 of the most important markets (excluding Greece, Italy, Spain): 16% in average. Strongest market increase to register in Finland (76%).
  • Sweden is further on the clearly dominating market. However, the market increase declined remarkable from 47% (2003/04) to only 1% (2004/05): Over 100.000 units sold in 2005, 61% of them heating only HPs (mostly brine/water HPs; including heat recovery HPs).
  • Heating only: Ground source HPs are still the dominating systems in many countries. However, air-to-water systems show stronger increase.
  • Reversible HPs (air-source HPs predominantly used for heating purposes) are the dominating system in Finland (76%) and play a strong role also in Sweden (39%).
  • D-A-CH countries: Obviously not yet a remarkable market for reversible HPs


  • Joint efforts to improve reliability and completeness of data are required.
  • Major inaccurateness of statistical data imply the categories "heat recovery HPs" and "reversible HPs"
  • Main emphasis is to be placed on Southern European countries and information concerning stock of installed systems.



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