Market Overview

The European Heat Pump Market has grown by 12% in 2018

Data of 2018 reveal a market growth of 12% compared to 2017. Over the past four years, the European heat pump market has experienced double-digit growth! With 11.8 million units installed across Europe, heat pump technology has quickly developed into a cornerstone of  Europe's heat supply. Currently, heat pumps are heating slightly less than 10% of all buildings, but there is still a vast untapped potential to be unleashed. With their thermal and demand-side flexibility potential, heat pumps will be required in the new energy system to achieve the 2050 climate targets and offer an enthusiastic re-industrialisation project for the EU.


2018 Sales development,  19 European Countries 


France is still the leader, but we are still counting!

Updates from other 3 countries (tot. 21) will arrive in a short period. Italy confirms its position as the second biggest European market, and Spain in the third position. At this rate, a doubling of the European heat pump market by 2024 is expected.

2018 Units sold by country,  19 European Countries


Heat pumps sold in 2018 contributed:

68 228 Jobs created 

128 TWh of renewable energy produced by the heat pump stock

32,98 Mt of Greenhouse gas emissions avoided

164 TWh of final energy saved

75,7 TWh of primary energy saved


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