Quality of product and installation

EHPA aims for quality. Together with its member it tries to show both the end-consumers and policy makers that heat pumps are quality products that are very energy efficient and are using the available renewable energy sources as much as possible. Heat pump units and models that fulfil a series of quality requirements can obtain the EHPA Quality Label. This label ensures the quality of both the product as well as the availability of spare parts and general maintenance after the installation. The label is currently running/being developed in 11 countries.

Yet, a quality product is worth not much without a quality installation. Therefore EHPA established the EUCERTprogramme, which comprises training and education for craftsmen that install heat pumps. A comprehensive training educates the craftsmen towards the sufficient knowledge to install a heat pump in order to run to its fullest potential. Eventually they can become an EU certified heat pump installer. It is currently in place/development in 14 countries.