The EHPA quality label for heat pumps originates in activities of the heat pump associations of Austria, Germany and Switzerland to create a common set of requirements to ensure product and service quality for heat pumps (named D-A-CH quality label after the countries international codes). The idea has been further developed in the European Heat Pump Association and the country scope has been extending. In order to reflect this development, the D-A-CH quality label has been gradually replaced by the EHPA Quality Label (EHPA-QL). In addition to the founding countries the EHPA Quality Label was introduced in Sweden (2007), Finland (2008), Belgium, France (2010) and the Netherlands (2012) which makes a total of 11 participating countries. Its use and development in more countries is under preparation.

The label can be granted to standardised space heating electrically-driven heat pumps, with or without domestic hot water heating capability, with a capacity up to 400 kW from air, geothermal or water heat sources. In order to qualify for the label, the heat pump in question must comply with EHPA heat pump test criteria and the distributor must provide a defined level of service.

The key requirements are (non-exhaustive list):

a) Conformity of all main components between the standard unit and test unit, and between the standard unit and the list of components.

b) Minimum SCOP values for heat pumps for space heating defined as follows, tested in labs accredited to ISO 17025 to perform heat pump test according to standards needed for each method that is applied:

  • Brine to Water 4.10
  • Water to Water 4.10
  • Air to Water 3.50
  • Direct exchange ground coupled to water 4.10
  • Exhaust air to water 3.50
  • Air to air 3.40

- Domestic Hot Water heat pump: minimum reference hot water temperature of 52°C. There is no minimum COP for domestic hot water heat pumps.

c) Declaration of sound power level according to EN 12102

d) Existence of sales & distribution, planning, service and operating documents in the local language of the country where the heat pump is distributed.

e) Existence of a functioning customer service network in the sales area that allows for a 24h reaction time to consumer complaints.

f) A two year full warranty which shall include a declaration stating that the heat pump spare parts inventory will be available for at least ten years.

The full set of requirements and/or further information is available here.

full list of the certified/labelled heat pumps is available in the section "database".