Be present and be represented in Brussels

  • The association is actively advocating in Brussels for the acknowledgement of heat pumps as a key technology to achieve the European Union's energy savings and climate protection targets as well as to increase the use of RES.
  • We continuously monitor upcoming and ongoing development of policy measures.
  • In cooperation with all members, we develop and present positions of the heat pump industry. This is mainly done in technical committees that are open for members to participate in
  • We maintain contact with policy makers and inform them on the benefits of heat pump technology as well as on critical issues that require political initiatives. 
  • We act as a liaison and establish contacts and meetings with MEPs, and officials from the Commission and the Council. 

Be  part of our events

  • EHPA members meet at the annual general assembly.
  • EHPA organises an annual conference and several heat pump related events (online and offline events) 
  • EHPA co-organises and supports the European Heat Pump Summit in Nuremberg.
  • EHPA is present at major trade fairs in Europe to meet its members. 

Quality in Heat Pump Systems

  • EHPA acts as the secretariat of the Heat Pump KEYMARK, a third-party certification scheme owned by CEN/CENELEC and based on the Ecodesign testing points.
  • EHPA coordinates the development and recognition of the scheme across Europe through the cooperation of the participating bodies, including 10 empowered certification bodies, 23 test centres and over 45 certificate holders.
  • The association coordinates the EHPA quality label programme (available in 11 countries).
  • EHPA operates the EUCERT scheme on heat pump installer training and certification (now in 14 countries).

Be up to date

  • EHPA regularly updates its website with the latest information and news impacting the heat pump market. Most of this is freely available to the public.
  • EHPA prepares a weekly newsletter with latest information on policy, technology, market, projects and events for its members
  • EHPA compiles an annual market report. It covers 21 European markets and provides in depth statistics and country market information.
  • EHPA provides all association information, position papers, presentations, factsheets and technical documents on an internal part of the website.