Heat Pumps and EU targets

Heat pump and the 2030 targets: a perfect match

The 2030 framework must ensure progress towards Sustainability, security of energy supply and competitiveness. Heat pumps answer to almost all these requirement.

Heat Pumps are the prefect match for the European Energy and climate targets. For more information on EU targets, click here.


Heat pumps Scenario until 2020

If Europe doesn't meet its efficiency or its RES targets, heat pumps could bridge the gap (EHPA forecast based on 11,5 annual growth): 

  • Installed capacity: 35,6 GWth
  • Energy provided: 191,62 TWhth
  • RES integrated: 131,1 TWh
  • GHG emission saved: 34,4 Mt
  • Final energy saved: 165,2 Twh
  • Primary energy save: 80,2 Twh
  • Total number of units sold: 14,5 mio units