Ecodesign & Energy Labelling

Ecodesign Regulations for Heat Pumps

The EU Ecodesign Directive adopted in 2009 provides rules for improving the environmental performance of products by setting out minimum energy efficiency mandatory requirements for specific product groups. The Directive is implemented for heating and cooling technologies through product-specific Regulations, directly applicable in all EU countries and mandatory for all heat-pump manufacturers and suppliers wishing to sell their products in the EU.
Our industry is very supportive of the Ecodesign process as it fosters continuous innovation and paves the way for a 100% fully decarbonised heating and cooling sector in 2050. Heat pumps provide efficiently both heating and cooling, use different sources and can be integrated to other solutions. The challenge is to frame a policy framework (composed of various regulations) that recognises the specific multiple benefits of heat-pump solutions.

Energy Labelling Regulation

The energy label is a tool that enables consumers to make informed choices based on the energy efficiency of products. The purpose of the energy label is not only to contribute to energy savings and reducing energy bills, but also to promote innovation and investments into the production of more energy efficient products. In July 2017, the Energy Labelling Regulation was published, thus replacing the previous Directive adopted in 2010. The Regulation replaces the current scale with a standardised one of A (most efficient) to G (least efficient), which will not affect heat pumps until 2023. Moreover, in order to help consumers compare the energy efficiency of household appliances, allow for alternative ways for dealers to receive product information sheets and facilitate the monitoring of compliance, a product database consisting of a public and a compliance part will be set up and made accessible via an online portal.
Energy labelling sets obligations to be met directly by manufacturers and it is therefore extremely important for the heat-pump industry. Installers need to be adequately informed and trained as they generally stand between the manufacturer and the consumer in the purchase of heating solutions.