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Ice Cream Activity at EUSEW18


EHPA was invited to repeat its yearly EUSEW activity and offer ice cream to the participants of EUSEW 2018 at the Residence Palace, on June 6th 2018.

The aim of this activity was to raise awareness of the main benefits that can be achieved thanks to heat pumps and will result to:

  • – green House Gas Emission Reductions
  • – energy Efficiency
  • – renewable Energy
  • – local jobs
  • – energy Security
  • – smart Grids

Ice cream postcard 2018

These benefits are colour-coded in each ice cream flavor and participants are invited to use these titles when ordering an ice cream. Heat pumps are not only used to produce heating, they are also used for refrigeration systems, cooling residential applications and even Ice Hotels (Kiruna, Sweden). Despite the numerous advantages of our technology, the level of awareness of the general public remains far too low. So reaching out to more than 300 participants in Brussels sounds like a good – and cool – step in the right direction. Thank you EUSEW for a great week! We are looking forward to next year’s events.

This activity was sponsored by Stiebel Eltron