Thermally Driven Heat Pumps


The Thermally Driven Heat Pump working group aims at bringing together stakeholders of the gas heat pump community to commonly promote awareness rising of the technology. Technologies in focus are gas sorption heat pumps as well as gas engine heat pumps and their application for residential as well as commercial use. The working group aims at collecting and disseminating energy and market related information on the technology that will help to underline its future impact for the European heating market and the technology’s role in reaching European energy and emissions targets.


It was decided by the participants to give priority to the following three focus points for the next working period :

  1. collection of market figures
  2. collection of data on energy and emissions savings potential of the technology  
  3. collection of best practice examples

The Chair - Gerrit Fueldner

Who can attend

Membership is accessible for industry organizations occupied with promotion of thermally driven heat pumps, thermally driven heat pump manufacturers, national gas companies, gas research institutes. All parties who want to cooperate on a European level to realize the mission of the Theramally Driven HP Work Group.


The Thermally Driven HP WG meets 2 times per year.