Eirini Litina (Senior Communication Manager)

Communications and events professional with a wide range of experience in internal and external communications as well as small and medium sized events including conferences, fairs, workshops, policy debates and webinars. Interested in making new connections in the sector of Renewable Heating & Coolint, and being innovative in campaigns and event organisation.

Eirini  graduated from Utrecht University with an MSc in Sustainable Development with a specialization in energy policies and the promotion of renewable energy sources in Europe. She joined EHPA in December 2012. 


Ms. Eirini Litina

European Heat Pump Association (EHPA)
Renewable Energy House
Rue d'Arlon 63-67
B-1040 Brussels

email: eirini.litina@ehpa.org 
phone: +32 24 00 10 17
fax: +32 24 00 10 18