Caroline Haglund Stignor


"In my professional life I work as a strategic research leader for Flexible and Robust Energy Systems at RISE, a research institute with about 2700 employees. In addition, I am assistant manager of the IEA Heat Pump Centre, the communication centre and programme office of the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies, which is hosted by RISE.

My main motivations for the time and dedication that I put on my work are that I want to contribute to the transition to a more sustainable society where the global energy and climate goals are reached.

I have worked as project leader and participated in several research projects and investigations in the field of energy policy, heat pumping technologies, heat transfer, supermarket refrigeration and ventilation techniques, written several papers and given many presentations on international conferences on these topics. . I have more than twelve years experience from management positions.

I have contributed to the development, implementation and review of the ecodesign and energy labelling regulations for space heaters (including heat pumps), water heaters, central ventilation and local space heaters as a task leader at RISE of expert commissions performed on behalf of the Swedish Energy Agency. I am also much involved in the standardisation work European level to support these regulations.

I have a PhD degree in Heat Transfer and a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering."