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| A statement signed by 13 energy utilities

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The energy transition in the heating sector is picking up speed and that is good news for the heat pump industry. The technology is highlighted in the EU system integration strategy  as well as in the latest IEA report.  For Europe, this means 50 million heat pumps by 2030, even 80 – 90 million units by 2050. On the world level, estimates arrive at 1 800 million units by 2050 – one in every 4-5 world citizens data. 

The heat pump industry has been increasingly often challenged on the feasibility of these numbers, not only with regards to installation capacity but also with regards to grid stability. 
Hence, the European Heat Pump Association  decided to ask the experts.  Approaching utilities and DSO for their opinion resulted in a positive outlook on the challenge. We are happy to launch a position paper jointly signed by 13 CEOs that confirms heat pumps not to be the main challenge, but actually a major contributor to stable and reliable grids:  the lights will stay on even with 50 million heat pumps.

The parallel build-up of renewables-based generation capacity, electromobility, and the efficient electrification of heating and cooling can be achieved. It will not jeopardize grid stability nor the security of supply but instead, will help integrate much higher shares of renewable electricity in the grid. 

This is also good news for the upcoming fit for 55 package, as ambitious electrification is needed to reach all EU energy and climate objectives and to improve air quality. 

Together with the signing parties (AELEC, ESB, EDF, EDP Group, Electricitá Futura, ENEL Group, E.ON Business solutions, Iberdrola, Luminus, E.DSO, Statkraft, Union Française de l’Electricité), we encourage the European Commission and the Member States to further promote the efficient electrification of heating as part of the energy transition.

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