Welcome to the EU Parliament and may the heat pumps be with you!

| Our latest campaign addressing the Members of the Parliament

The European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) would like to congratulate the elected Members of the European Parliament and therefore, today we are embarking on a journey to introduce to them EHPA and sustainable & renewable heating solutions with a number of activities that we will present on social media, during events as well as with an infopackage that will soon be delivered to the MEPs.  



Please read below the message that the heat pump industry would like to share with the MEPs: 


Dear Members of the European Parliament, 


The European Heat Pump Association would like to congratulate you for your election as Member of the European Parliament!

The May 2019 European elections were a powerful reminder that Climate action is a top priority for Europeans. It is now your turn to voice these concerns on an EU level!

Heat pumps are a renewable and efficient technology to provide heating and cooling to residential and commercial buildings as well as industrial processes. By significantly reducing CO2 emissions from these sectors, they can help Europe to become carbon emission free by 2050.

As EHPA we can assure you that the technology is ready to be deployed across the Union. In fact, more than 12 million units are installed already. A faster deployment would be helpful to implement a Green Deal as proposed by President-elect Ursula von der Leyen.

To do so, we need your support, as the current limitations are not technical but political, starting with the lack of visibility given to the sector.

Decarbonising Europe is a tremendous development opportunity. Putting heating and cooling at the centre of the political debate can make the sector, the engine for sustainable growth.

Abandoning the use of fossil fuel; greening of buildings; cities and local communities; financing; education and training; sector integration and consumer protection need to be addressed together in a mutually reinforcing way. The European Parliament can foster the discussion on this strategy e.g. by establishing a parliamentary intergroup on sustainable heating and cooling and sector integration.

We would like to meet you in Brussels and to exchange views and expertise on how to phase in the “green future” and phase out the “fossil fuel past”.  Let’s work together for a cooler planet!


May the heat pumps be with you,

Thomas Nowak

Secretary General of EHPA