Virtual tour at Factory Zero- Presentations and video NOW Available

It was a pleasure having you as our guests in our "Virtual tour at Factory Zero". We hope it was a valuable experience for you too and you appreciated the insights provided by our speakers. We are happy to share the presentations and recording of the virtual tour. 


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 Why electrification and low temperature heating is what the EU should fully focus on for buildings, Ron van Erck, Energiesprong

 Introduction and guided tour through the factory: Jasper van den MunckhofFactory Zero 

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An EU project focusing on renovation: Serena Scotton, Heat4Cool

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  • Next week the European Commission is launching the Renovation Wave. Industrially pre-fabricated nergy modules should be recognized as an essential part of the #renovationwave because they help accelerate renovation frequency, bring down costs and building emissions, include IoT, and provide employment to Europeans! Here you can find EHPA’s position on the Renovation Wave.
  • Integrating prefabricated, modular solutions will enable a much faster renovation of existing buildings. 
  • FactoryZero is a good example of how the integration of a heat pump, a hot water tank, a ventilation system a PV inverter and monitoring equipment leads to reduced installation costs and higher end-user comfort.
  • The EU should take the lead in setting up energy efficiency requirements for existing buildings in order to accelerate the decarbonization of buildings
  • Depending on the current building structure both sensible and deep retrofit in combination with integrated technology solutions can bring an existing building to the energy level of a new building
  • Integrated and mass customized solutions can also be deployed in social housing, reducing tenants heating cost and improve their living comfort and economic situation 


Looking forward to seeing you soon!